Solo Female Travel Tips

In honour of today being International Women’s Day, I decided to post some tips for solo female travel that have helped me personally in both planning and travelling the world…

  1. Plan and research as much as you can in advance
  2. Assure your loved ones before leaving for your trip; give them all the information about your trip and how you plan on keeping safe
  3. Face your fears, accept them, and challenge them
  4. Pack only the essentials, don’t overpack – make a checklist
  5. Choose areas or regions that report low crime rates
  6. Don’t forget to pack for the plane! Stay hydrated, bring a book, headphones, etc
  7. Eat healthy – keep a balanced diet to avoid getting sick
  8. Be safe – use basic street smarts, keep your valuables on you at all times,


For the full list of tips, visit The Blonde Abroad’s post, where she presents a full guide to travelling alone as a female.

Do you think there is anything else female travellers should keep in mind when travelling alone?



3 Comments Add yours

  1. I always have a problem with the number 4 on your list, don’t over pack. Very difficult, especially with things like shoes. pants, dresses, shorts, tops, everything, ha ha


  2. I have troubles with number 4 and 7 – all healthy eating goes out the window when I travel. As far as other tips for solo travel, I would suggest adding an international travel plan to your phone and making sure you know the local emergency and police numbers just in case. I had an incident years ago in Australia and needed to call for help, and didn’t know what to dial – 911 doesn’t work in Perth, WA.


    1. This is a useful tip about the emergency numbers! Something I haven’t really thought about but will in the future, for sure! Thanks for the comment 🙂


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