Mayan Ruins – Tulum

Last month, I was in Mexico with a couple of friends, and we had the chance to visit some ancient Mayan Ruins. Having never been to Mexico or to any ruins before, this was very exciting to me. We were staying in the Riviera Maya meaning that we had some options as to which ruins or archaeological site we wanted to visit. The hotel we were staying happened to be around 25 minutes away from Tulum (nearby beach town and former Mayan walled-city), so we chose to go there.





It is a beautiful place and very powerful to hear the stories about how the Mayans lived and what every aspect of their civilization meant to them. I recommend taking one of the guided walking tours offered at the ruins.

At the top of the walled city, there is a beautiful look-out point where you can see the ocean. There are also stairs that lead to the beach below – the water is very rough in this area due to the coral reef that is nearby, but people are welcome to swim at their own discretion.



Have you visited any ancient ruins before? Where? If not, where would you like to go?


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  1. I have visited ruins in Cancun, and in San Juan Puerto Rico. They were both very interesting and I am glad I had the chance to visit.

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  2. That looks incredible! Literally like straight out of a magazine! Definitely gonna write this down on my list of places to visit!

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    1. I totally recommend! It was my friend’s idea to go, but I’m glad we did it


  3. The Mayan Ruins are amazing and exactly as you describe. Your pictures take me back to the time I went 4 years ago. Beautiful photos!

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    1. I never had too much interest in them but now I can’t wait to go back to Mexico and explore other ruins!


  4. Great post! Do you have any objections if I share it on my Blog? Best Regards, Roland


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