Follow me Around – Paris🇫🇷

In February 2017, I visited one of the most recognizable cities around the world – Paris, France. This was my first time to Europe and my brother’s (who I went with) second, but neither of us had been to this city before.

I will let the photos do the talking but in short, it is a beautiful, magical city (if anything, a little dirtier than I expected). Very touristy, and a lot of vendors will try to scam you, but I’d say that’s fair to say of any major tourist city. There is so much to see here, I would highly recommend everyone to visit at least once.

Tips if you’re on a budget:

  • take advantage of mid-day lunch specials – most restaurants will offer a lunch special of 10-15 EUR for a 2-3 course meal! Make lunch your big meal of the day and go with smaller breakfasts and dinners!
  • hostels are plentiful, inexpensive and central to the city! you can stay steps away from the Sacre Coeur for less than $50/night depending on when you go!
  • the subway system in Paris is very advanced – one of the best I’ve come across. They have a lot of lines and cover the entire city, and most major tourist attractions. Plus you can buy a weekend/week or 3 day pass which comes out even cheaper than individual passes! This is a way better option than cabs
  • Research some free museum nights! I know the Louvre for example is free to youth (I believe 25 and under) on Fridays after 6pm. Yes, you can literally see the famed Mona Lisa up close for free.




For those of you who have been to Paris, what was your favourite place you went to?


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  1. hiphottakes says:

    Was the Mona Lisa smaller than you thought? I always thought that it was a poster sized canvas, but I’ve heard it’s pretty small.


    1. You know what, it did seem smaller than I expected! it was blocked off and surrounded by dozens of tourists (typical) so I couldn’t get super close but it was probably just smaller than a regular poster size


  2. My daughter and I travelled to London and Paris in 2016. It was amazing. We took the train from London to Paris and stayed a few blocks from Sacre Couer. I didn’t find the city dirty, but very very busy. We did a bicycle tour around Paris that was amazing! I would love to go back some day


    1. We also took the train from London to Paris, AND stayed close to the Sacre Couer in the Montmartre area haha it is a beautiful city for sure

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      1. Yes thats where we stayed too!

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  3. lighteningmcparm says:

    Paris is so beautiful! How did you like Montmartre? Such a fun, quirky area.


    1. Loved it! I was a little nervous at first because it seemed a little farther from the centre of the city, but if I go back I would totally stay in this area again! Accessible to the rest of the city and it’s a cool, colourful neighbourhood


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